Solving the Homelessness Crisis
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Solving the Homelessness Crisis

I have made it a priority to visit homeless shelters and those still living on our streets throughout California. It’s important for me to hear from both those that successfully help them, and those still struggling through the worst part of their lives.

Seeing this around our beautiful state really hit home for me. We can’t just offer temporary fixes; we need to dig deep and provide comprehensive care that includes mental health, addiction treatment, and affordable housing. This issue is about restoring hope, dignity, and humanity to our fellow Californians that are struggling on our streets.

If you elect me as your Senator, I promise to start by getting a clear picture of where our homelessness funds are going. Let’s find out what’s working and what’s not by auditing the money that has been spent on this crisis so far. From there, we can build a plan that truly makes a difference.

It’s about effective solutions, not just throwing money at the problem.

Improving Californians' Quality of Life
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Improving Californians' Quality of Life

Improving the quality of your life is the legacy that I strive for. It’s about creating opportunities for every Californian to live a fulfilling life. From boosting our economy in these tough times, ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare, to investing in our communities.

The cost of every aspect of our lives continues to rise, impacting every Californian, especially the people least able to afford it. We must reduce government waste and every vote I cast will be grounded in helping to improve your quality of life and drive down the cost of living. My goal is to make California a place where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Addressing Crime and Public Safety
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Addressing Crime and Public Safety

Your safety and the security of our communities is the primary function of government. However, our government has been failing at this job, which I find to be woefully unacceptable.

I fully back our law enforcement and believe in the power of community policing and innovative crime prevention. Safe neighborhoods are essential for a prosperous community.

I’ll work towards building strong partnerships between law enforcement and communities. More training, better resources, and effective crime prevention strategies are at the top of my list.

In the U.S. Senate, I will work with law enforcement to ensure their needs are fully funded so they can effectively do the jobs we need them to do.

National Security
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National Security

A strong United States means a safer world. With emerging threats around the globe, it’s more important than ever for the United States to renew our commitment to our alliances and our role in global leadership. We must invest in modernizing our military and achieve peace through strength.

It’s important that we work close with our allies and be prepared for the threats of tomorrow while actively positioning ourselves to counter the expansion of hostile foreign powers. More than anything, in order for us to be strong abroad, we must be strong at home. We need leaders in Washington who will make level-headed decisions in the face of a rapidly changing and dangerous world.

Supporting Our Ally, Israel.

Supporting Our Ally Israel Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

According to Politico, the Israel-Hamas conflict has emerged as a pivotal issue in this US Senate race, highlighting significant differences in perspectives among the candidates.

For me, the stance is clear and unwavering: Israel’s right to self-defense is paramount.

This conflict is not just complex; it’s about the fundamental security of a nation. I stand firmly in support of Israel and believe that any lasting peace solution hinges on this principle. This is an area where my view diverges sharply from those of my opponents.

As your Senator, I would champion strategies that safeguard Israel’s security as a non-negotiable priority. The dismantling of terror networks is essential for the stability of the region. In the Senate, I would be a vocal advocate for policies that strengthen Israel’s ability to defend itself while seeking pathways towards peaceful coexistence in the Middle East.

Our role on the international stage should be to bolster efforts that ensure a secure Israel and a peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians. This is not just a foreign policy issue; it’s a matter of standing with our allies and upholding our values.

Reforming Immigration with Sensibility

Reforming Immigration with Sensibility

I visited the border in December and saw first-hand the challenges we are facing.

While we were standing feet away from one of the incomplete sections of the border wall in San Diego, a young couple from Venezuela crossed right in front of our group, walked up to us, and started crying because the first half of their journey was concluded. They were quickly approached by border patrol. After being processed for 72 hours, they said they were going to continue to Maine to meet with another family member.

We need a balanced approach to immigration. This means we must secure borders, while also respecting the dignity and aspirations of those who come here seeking a better life. We must create a fair and functional immigration system.

My plan is to develop practical pathways to citizenship. for those who positively contribute to our society. We need an immigration system that supports our economy and reflects our values as a nation.

Prioritizing Water Management

Prioritizing Water Management

Water management is a huge issue for us in California. We need to get smart about how we use and conserve water. Investing in our water infrastructure and embracing new technologies is key to our future.

I’ll advocate for policies that balance our environmental needs with our cities and agricultural water demands. We’ve got to be proactive in facing the challenges of climate change and population growth.

Californians should never be put in a position in which we need to ration water, and we must be prepared for the next drought.

Empowering California's Agricultural Heartland

Empowering California's Agricultural Heartland

Our farmers are fundamental for feeding our country. I’m committed to supporting sustainable agriculture that’s both environmentally friendly, economically viable and capable. of feeding America’s growing population well into the future.

My goal is to ensure our farmers have the resources, water, technology and support they need to succeed. It’s all about sustainable farming practices that can feed our state and beyond.

Championing Environmental Stewardship

Championing Environmental Stewardship

Protecting our environment is crucial. I’m all in for practical climate action that balances our ecological needs with economic growth. We can lead the way in innovation, technology, and sustainable practices.

I’m committed to policies that promote clean energy, reduce emissions, and preserve our natural beauty. California should continue to be a global leader in environmental stewardship, and I intend to fight for that in the U.S. Senate.

Elevating Our Education System
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Elevating Our Education System

Education is the foundation of our future. Before my career in baseball, I was planning on becoming a teacher.

I’m dedicated to ensuring every Californian has access to a world-class education. Whether it’s directing funding to classrooms and teachers rather than into a bloated bureaucracy, or expanding vocational training, we need an education system that prepares our youth for the future.

We need to ensure that our students are graduating with the right grade level skills of the 4 R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic, and reasoning.

I’ll focus on supporting our schools and teachers, and ensuring our students are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Supporting Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

I stand with Ukraine against Russian aggression. We must continue to support them while seeking diplomatic solutions. American leadership is crucial in this global conflict.

In the Senate, I’d ensure the U.S. plays a constructive role in resolving this conflict, supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty, and working towards peace in the region.

Putin cannot be allowed a victory in Ukraine.

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