Steve Garvey’s Volunteer Postcard Program

Steve Garvey’s Volunteer Postcard Program

If you are looking for ways to help Steve Garvey keep Adam Schiff out of the US Senate — you should join Steve Garvey’s Volunteer Postcard Program! By volunteering to help with the postcard program, you can help us communicate with swing voters through handwritten postcards. This program will allow us to utilize volunteer time and energy to deliver personalized handwritten notes to targeted voters across California. The best part is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s what the program entails:


Request your postcard package using the form below.


We will send you a package of postcards, a sample message and instruction sheet, and a list of voters/addresses.


You and your friends or family write the sample message on the provided postcards and address the postcard to each voter on the list.


Once you’re done with your stack, you send them back to us using the provided shipping materials.


Repeat by requesting another package!

Participating in this program is easy, free, and will make a difference in this race! Request your postcard package today:

Contact with any questions.

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